Sunday, June 21, 2009

selamat hari abah

ismail bin abdullah
itula name abah aq....
yg slame nie 'membesarkan' aq..
abah sangat tegas n garang sangat
slalu gak kene marah n pukul ngan ayah....
i love him so much
he is the greatest man that i ever had
dulu abah selalu nak cium pp aq
tapi aq x penah kasi cz abah ade jangut n misai
bende ala 2 buat pp aq sakit
penah ckp kat abah buang semua 2 klu nak cium tika
terok kan...
tapi skang ble da jauh dr abah
tibe2 rindu gle tyme2 mcm 2
thanks a lot
bcz of you
im here
sygggg abah
syg mak juga
even hari mak da lepas
tika will always love u
both of u r just perfect 2 b my parents

know what
i met a guy
whose parents had passed away
takziah utk dier
sometimes i just wandering
do he miss his dad
n he answered
ntah la
miss him so much actually
miss nak kene sebat
kene marah
kene belt die
kuar naik moto ngan die
ntah la
nk ckp pon xgune lagi
mmg rindu pon""""
nie yg die ckp
deep inside his heart nobody knows

2 my dad
i really2 wish u will b by my side 4 ever
i know that's impossible
but i just wanna u 2 know
that u r 4ever in my heart....


its beyond words 2 tell how much i love u....
wish that abah sihat n perjalanan hidup abah diredhai


Journey said...

syg abah sy jgk :p

tika said...

semua pon syg abah juga...

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