Tuesday, November 2, 2010

makalah still xsiap lagi..anyone??kasus 8??nak tiru~

hello there..

welcome to the club
what club..hurm..for now u no need 2 know what club is

(post nie sangat panjang n sangat merepek..sila tulung jngan bace..sbb m just nak tulis panjang2 n if u not ok wif it u can just get lost)

al-kisah ceritera cinta
berakhirla sudah kasih sang romeo kepada julietnya

haha..merepek sungguh..

once upon a time, in a very remote area out of the town, live a little princess name juliet. she actually a dazzling, beautiful princess but she want to live far away from town because she tired and sick of being so hot, popular, adorable and many other things that make lots of prince want to marry her. until one day, when she go fishing with her not-so-old nanny, she met someone. not really meet but eyes into eyes, lips smiling to each other and once again she made another prince fall for her. oh. so not good. sigh. actually at that particular time she already had an iPhone. since she's a princess so of course la klu setakat iPhone 2 celah gg jerk die bleh beli. and long story short the lucky prince also got one. they changed number through that not-so-old nanny. after long time messages and knowing each other heart, they begun to take the next step through their relationship. they make announcement about their love to public. as been thought, a lot of prince suffer from not getting the princess and some commit suicide. pity them.

one day, the prince who so-called romeo ask princess juliet about her true feeling toward him. she just simply said "i dont know"...(whut the fun)..and this make prince romeo so angry. they fight like the world war. all animals in the jungle also fearful and the world peace is no more there. suddenlly the princess heard that prince romeo want to kill himself. being reasonable and do not want another prince die, she had to said "i love u" to the prince. prince romeo was so damn happy and finally they got married and live happily not ever after because day by days, month by months, year by years princess juliet get much more uglier then her look before. princess juliet become fat, dark, annyoing, and the most thing change princess juliet were no more cool. she become a very emo girl with no sense of responsibility. prince romeo just cannot stand with her anymore. they divorced. since princess juliet has no more sense she just accept wihout a word. what she know now is she need to get skinny back like she before. actually princess juliet was not so fat. she just like to eat. emo girl kan harusla suke makan.

~~the end~~

haha..vongok..vaveng.. english so bad..
so..m trying to write a short simple story in english here..
any grammer, vocabulay mistakes
do correct me..

buat makalah


Siti Noraishah Omar said...

kasus 8 sgt la snang kot~

tika said...

sbb senang sangat la aq mcm ragu2 nak wat..da biase buat susah2 bout my english then??pass x??

Siti Noraishah Omar said...

aku pun dh lama x speaking..
x menulis dlm bi..
sure2 bi aku lg teruk dr ko~

tika said...

so..lets BI-ing..haha