Monday, November 7, 2011

long story short

After finish cardiovascular examination, we went to a trip. Guess what? I've done banana boat and flying fox for my very first time at Pulau Tidung. A huge thanks to Fatihah Anisah for organizing such wonderful trip even the transportation quite uncomfortable with "tongkang" but finally we manage to get out from our comfort zone by just riding it. We had a lot of fun with the games. Suddenly an accident happened when Faiqah Ar had a cracked on her radial ulna distal right hand. Luckily we are medic students so everything when smooth as usual.

Then, we celebrate hari raya Aidil Adha at Malaysian Embassador. It was held on 6 November which I've just finished my urogenital test. So of course they are takbir raya, cows and goats slaughtering. Unfortunately, I woke up late so I've missed the slaughtering processed and nasi lemak that been served earlier. Even though I did not help with cooking, I had a delicious lunch such as kari lembu, kambing bakar, sup gear box, hati limpa paru masak kicap kot and lots of ulam-ulam and sambal belacan which are my all time favourite and certainly I ate a lot.


There you go girl..

i am trying to write a very nice simple short story here. any grammars, spellings, unsuitable vocabs mistakes do apologize since i had never writing an essay since im 19..n now im 21 i think my english da berkarat da..n even they r not maybe my essay looks like standard 6 essays because thats the only year im learning n the memory was like planted in my pretty sure they never lost unless if i have alzheimer's or what-so-ever disease.. tau sy merepek....
hope tak terlambat nak wish selamat hari raya aidiladha maaf zahir batin



fatihah~ said...

welcome ! n sorry 4 the tongkang.. ^^